Tenants Signing in Bullitt Center

Tenants who want to lease space at what’s probably the greenest office building in the world have to do more than promise to pay their rent on time.

The first ones began moving into the just-completed Bullitt Center on Capitol Hill last week. The building’s owner, the environment-focused Bullitt Foundation, expects tenants will be partners in helping the project attain its groundbreaking goals.

Among other things, the leases they are signing require them to:

  • Limit energy and water use to meet lean annual “budgets” set by the center.
  • Forgo any new office furniture that contains formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds or other components considered toxic.
  • Position each worker’s desk within 30 feet of one of the center’s huge windows, to ensure access to daylight and fresh air.

With all these rules come potential rewards. For instance, if tenants don’t exceed their energy budgets — and if the Bullitt Center operates according to plan — no one will pay an electric bill.

Read the full story at the Source: Eric Pryne, Seattle Times, March 3, 2013.