Evaluation of Approaches to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Washington State

GHG Emissions WAThe SAIC presented its evaluation of approaches to reduce GHG emissions in Washington State last week. They went through the nine policy areas identified in task 1.b – evaluating existing GHG policies already adopted in WA, as well as those adopted at the local level.  Those include:

  1. Renewable Fuels Standard;
  2. Washington State Energy Code;
  3. Greenhouse Gas Emission Performance Standard;
  4. Appliance Standards;
  5. Energy Independence Act;
  6. Energy Efficiency and Energy Consumption Programs for Public Buildings;
  7. Conversion of Public Fleet to Clean Fuels;
  8. Purchasing of Clean Cars;
  9. Policies and Programs under the Growth Management Act.

Here is the slide presentation used by SAIC_Washington State Task 1 Final 2013-9-11

To learn more about this issue, visit http://www.governor.wa.gov/issues/economy/climateWorkgroup/default.aspx