WA State Department of Commerce Solar Grants for Higher Ed

Here are the latest Program Guidelines for the Washington State Department of Commerce 2013-2015 Energy Efficiency and Solar Grants for Higher Education, Local Governments and State Agencies program. We updated the information required when applying for a solar only grant.

Silicon Energy Solar Panels
Silicon Energy Solar Panels

All applicants applying for a Commerce solar only grant must submit documentation to demonstrate that the building(s) are energy efficient and do not need energy conservation work. Please use EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® first and then if your building type doesn’t fit into one of the 18 categories, use the second documentation method listed below:

  • Use EPA ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® to create an ENERGY STAR score. The ENERGY STAR score must be 80 or higher. This method is limited to a set of 18 building descriptions.
  •  If your building type does not receive an ENERGY STAR score using Portfolio Manager®, use ENERGY STAR Target Finder. When entering data, enter the buildings actual energy use in the “estimated energy use” cells. Submit the “statement of energy use intent” report with your grant submission. To be eligible for a solar only grant, the building site EUI must be 30 percent lower than the median building site EUI included in this report. Target Finder supports 80 different building types.

If you  have any questions about the program, please contact:

Pat Gibbon and Tom Stilz
Energy Efficiency and Solar Grant
Program Managers
Department of Commerce
Community Services and Housing Division
1011 Plum St SE
PO Box 42525
Olympia, WA 98504-2525