HaloSource Renews Membership with Social Stock Exchange

HaloSourceHaloSource is proud to be renewing its membership in the London Social Stock Exchange (SSE).  This  London based platform showcases businesses that have a social impact to potential investors.  The aim of the SSE is to provide potential stakeholders with the information they need to identify and compare those organizations that deliver value to society and the environment. The new CEO of the SSE, Tomas Carruthers is an Internet entrepreneur who is personally committed to raising the profile of organizations that do ‘good’ and also do well in the marketplace.   A recent story in The London Times highlights the benefits of making social good a priority in business organizations.  

HaloSource is proud to be one of the founding members of the Social Stock Exchange and we have been active with them for a little over a year now. Our commitment to the development of Chemistry based Innovation in the science of water purification that improves both the supply and quality of clean water in an increasingly stressed environment is making a real difference in the lives of others through our efforts in residential water filtration and purification, greener industrial solutions for water treatment and environmental remediation and in recreational water use and reuse. 

UK Prime Minister David Cameron launched the SSE as a part of the G8 summit in June of 2013. Halosource, parent company of well-known HaloKlear and HaloPure brands of bio-polymer water treatment products, was welcomed into this special group because of its commitment to clean water and its innovation and excellence for developing environmentally friendly products.

In addition to the daily business activities, HaloSource supports several social impact programs with partnerships including the Barefoot Mile Foundation, Wishing Well International Foundation and most recently last month with a World Water Day celebration in conjunction with 21Acres.

Martin Coles, CEO, HaloSource, each member of our company is involved daily in the pursuit of making water better around the globe and we are humbled to be recognized as a role model for social impact companies through the financial and social impact lens of the Social Stock Exchange.

The (SSE) is an initiative designed to connect the public financial markets with social impact investment. The SSE gives investors access to information on publicly listed businesses with strong social and environmental purpose, and guarantees full and transparent disclosure on the impact of those businesses.   The Prime Minister highlighted in a speech ahead of the G8 summit that the SSE demonstrates that the UK is at the heart of financial innovation and social investment. The global market for social impact investment is estimated to be worth $9 billion and expected to grow to between $200 and $650 billion in the next decade.  The first member companies to be admitted to the SSE are high growth businesses in markets such as social and affordable housing, clean-tech, waste, water, recycling, renewable energy, sustainable transport, health, education and culture.  More information can be found here at: https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/prime-ministers-speech-at-the-social-impact-investment-conference 

Pradeep Jethi, Co-founder & CEO, said “We believe that organizations that place social and environmental aims at the core of their activities, whilst operating on robust revenue and growth models, are the ones best equipped to generate the kind of positive impact that creates real change. Nobody can guarantee a return on capital – but the SSE can guarantee the social benefit and standards of each and every company they admit.”

“We are very pleased to renew our membership with the Social Stock Exchange as it is another amazing forum for sharing what we do with investors looking for social investment,” says Martin Coles, CEO of Halosource.