Field Notes: A Passage to India

J. Thomas Ranken

November 30, 2015

How many hours can one continuously watch ‘The Big Bang Theory?’

There is no way to minimize it–going from Seattle to India is a long trip.

We left our house at 1 p.m. for a flight on Emirates that took off for Dubai shortly after 5 p.m.  The flight was 14.5 hours long.  There was a 1.5 hour layover in Dubai before we boarded a 3.5 hour flight to Chennai (formerly Madras) in southeast India.

We arrived after 2 a.m. local time and got through customs relatively quickly, but baggage claim seemed to take forever.  We were checked into the hotel at 430 a.m.

Add it all up….25.5 hours of travel.

My wife, Melissa, who is traveling with me, never tires of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ television show.  I think she watched it for the entire 14.5 hours on the flight from Seattle to Dubai…

Is that a record??

Tom Ranken, CleanTech Alliance President & CEO, is taking part in the Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle cleantech mission to India. Follow his journey on Twitter or at