Distributed Energy Management to be Featured by Voices in America with James Earl Jones

Distributed Energy Management will soon be featured by Voices in America with host James Earl Jones. The short-form educational documentary will be distributed to Public Television starting in early 2016.  The segment, produced by Voices in America, will be part of a series of videos focused on building a sustainable future.

“This is far and above our biggest marketing effort, so needless to say we’re all pretty excited,” said Jimmy Jia, CEO of Distributed Energy Management. “Another exciting element is that James Earl Jones is the host of this program, and will be introducing us! We shoot later this month; look for our spot on PBS starting in late March or early April.”

Distributed Energy Management’s unique financial platform for energy management helps align its customers’ utility budgets with business to prevent overspending. This alignment results in positive outcomes including economic, regulatory and social, and often all three.  Clients find that they can control their utility spend and carbon footprint through better budgetary control over their existing on-budget money.  The outcome is both dollars saved and less energy consumed. For more information, please visit www.de-mgmt.com.

Voices in America is independently produced and distributed to Public Television Stations across America to be broadcast at their discretion. For more information, please visit www.voicesinamericamedia.com.