Self-Healing Microgrids to Help Keep Cordova, AK Electrified

In the aftermath of natural disasters, damage to an electrical grid can slow the recovery effort and prolong human suffering.

Last fall, Idaho National Laboratory researchers assembled a coalition of partners to design a system of microgrids that would enhance grid resilience by maintaining and restoring power after a catastrophic event or a cyberattack.

During the coming months, the partners will demonstrate this technology in the small fishing village of Cordova, Alaska.

When the microgrid system is finished, Cordova’s electrical grid will automatically reroute power to ensure that critical public services — hospitals, emergency shelters and other vital services — have electricity if part of the grid is damaged or disabled.

Idaho National Laboratory research scientist Rob Hovsapian said Cordova, because of its challenges, is an ideal location to build and test a next-generation system of microgrids.

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