Principal Sponsors Announced: Consulate General of Canada-Seattle and Washington State University

Principal Sponsors Announced: Consulate General of Canada-Seattle and Washington State University

CleanTech Innovation Showcase is proud to once again welcome Consulate General of Canada-Seattle and Washington State University as Principal Sponsors.

Long-time CleanTech Alliance supporters the Consulate General of Canada-Seattle and Washington State University are Principal Sponsors of the 5th Annual CleanTech Innovation Showcase. The event takes place June 25 at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center in Seattle.

“Year after year the Consulate General and WSU support CleanTech Innovation Showcase both through sponsorship and the quality of researchers and companies they bring to the event,” said J. Thomas Ranken, President and CEO of CleanTech Alliance. “I am grateful for their support and the continued growth of Showcase that results.”

The Consulate General of Canada-Seattle has a mandate to increase Canada/US trade in this region.  As such, a Clean Tech Trade Commissioner works directly with Canadian companies to assist them with their business development objectives such as strategic alliances, distribution channels, market intelligence and direct introductions to key industry sector contacts.

Canada is home to more than 800 cleantech companies. The majority of these companies, 87 percent, export their products and services.  In 2017 Canada took major steps to boost of growth of Canada’s clean technology producers. It set aside $2.3 billion to grow the Canadian clean tech industry, protect the environment and create jobs.  Canadian clean technology companies produce innovative and competitive technologies that use less energy or reduce the negative impacts on the environment.

Canada and the U.S. enjoy a strong Pacific Northwest partnership around clean and sustainable technologies,” said Cheryl Schell, Trade Commissioner at the Consulate General in Canada. “The CleanTech Showcase is an ideal opportunity fuel cross-border collaboration and trade through face-to-face interactions. Several Canadian businesses will be featured through our exhibitors booth, and others have applied as presenting companies as well.”

Washington State University’s mission includes working side-by-side with partners to build an energy economy that will propel the global community into a cleaner, more sustainable future. With institutional strengths in plant science, power, and applied sciences and engineering, WSU researchers pursue interdisciplinary solutions to meet current resource needs without compromising future generations. WSU is the state’s land-grant research university and committed to improving quality of life through research, academic access and community engagement.

“WSU research and technology development in the cleantech sector makes the CleanTech Innovation Showcase a valuable event for our innovators and soon-to-be graduates,” said Michael Wolcott, Associate Vice President for Research and Regents Professor at WSU. “We are pleased to sponsor the event this year, and our researchers and students look forward to making more connections and showcasing new work.”

About CleanTech Innovation Showcase

Held June 25, 2018, at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center in Seattle, the CleanTech Innovation Showcase is the region’s premier one-day conference focused on technology and business innovation. The event convenes 400+ cleantech industry leaders, investors, policymakers and media. Sunita Satyapal, Ph.D., director of the DOE Fuel Cell Technology Office and venture capitalist Tom Rand, Ph.D. are among the keynote speakers for this year’s event. It will also include 24 company and organization presentation, a pavilion of new Cascadia CleanTech startups, an exhibition hall and more!

Gain visibility in front of the region’s cleantech industry leaders, investors, and researchers by becoming a sponsor or exhibitor. If you are interested in either learn more here, and/or contact Sharon Schierle at or 206-389-8662.