E8 Announces 2019 Investments Worth $4M and 2020 Priorities

Source: Yahoo Finance, Feb 24, 2020

E8, an angel investor community committed to investing in cleantech in support of both profit and ecological sustainability, announced today that its members made investments worth $4 million across 26 companies in 2019. The strong results come as E8 makes plans for enhanced capacity in 2020 that will offer new pathways for individuals, foundations, and corporations to invest in cleantech innovations, especially those designed to mitigate climate change.

Since 2006, E8 has offered accredited individuals a way to invest in emerging enterprises which share the group’s mission to accelerate the transition to a prosperous and sustainable world. Through investment pitches, collective due diligence and learning opportunities, the E8 community unites interest, passion and expertise from the Northwest and nationally.

In 2020 E8 will be expanding its platform for facilitating both private and philanthropic investments. Investors will be able to access a range of options that suit their availability, expertise, learning goals and even preferred asset class for a given cleantech investment.

“This is a vital moment for cleantech and climate change, with tremendous opportunity and interest in investment and action,” said Eric Berman, Co-Chair of the E8 Board of Directors. “We are upgrading our business model and expanding our community to make cleantech investing more accessible, fulfilling and successful.”

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