CleanTech Innovation Showcase Day 2- Track #1 Recap

Source: Lindsay McCormick

Presenting company track #1 on day 2 of the CleanTech Innovation Showcase featured three companies: Hotstart, SHARC Energy Systems, and eCamion.

First, Russ Weed spoke about Hotstart’s potential in diverse markets such as in marine, truck and bus, oil and gas, rail, and more. Russ projected that energy storage in the US will be a $6.9 billion industry by 2025 and he expects to see a V-shaped recovery on Lithium ion battery demand as the world begins to recover from the COVID-19 crisis. He also spoke about the importance of maintaining an optimal thermal range for battery cells between 10-30 degrees Celsius so that the batteries don’t get too hot and cause fires or too cold and lose some of their effectiveness.

The second presenter in track #1 was Lynn Mueller from SHARC Energy Systems. SHARC is an acronym for Sewage Heat Recovery and Lynn talked about how his technology is able to recover heat from wastewater in houses, apartment complexes, and other buildings. Over $1 trillion is thrown down the drain worldwide in the form of wastewater and over 40% of that water is heated. SHARC Energy Systems is able to reduce energy costs by recovering the heat from that water, conserving resources and saving the consumer money in the process.

The final presenter was Himanshu Sudan from eCamion. Himanshu talked about how the focus of eCamion is on “creating big power while leaving a small footprint” and the “secret sauce” is in managing power with their smart algorithm and integrating it into the grid. He mentioned that some of the biggest challenges they face in deploying their battery technology is that there is a lack of infrastructure and that the technology becomes obsolete the day they deploy it.

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