CleanTech Innovation Showcase Day 2- Track #2 Recap

Source: Written by Lindsay McCormick, notes provided by Demi Liu

Presenting company track #2 of the CleanTech Innovation Showcase featured three companies: Acumentor, Onboard Dynamics, and LAVLE USA.

First, Noel Puttaansuu from Acumentor presented his smokeless chimney technology to make wood burning stoves more environmentally friendly. Acumentor is composed of fire experts who use stoichiometry to reduce emissions from wood burning stoves and make them safer and better for the environment. There are over 14 million wood burning stoves that could benefit from their technology and allow for cleaner, healthier air for everyone.

The second speaker was Rita Hansen from Onboard Dynamics. Rita talked about their natural gas technology for driving down emissions in the transportation sector. Transport makes up about 24% of global CO2 emissions and is the fastest growing source of emissions globally. Onboard Dynamics’ compressed natural gas provides a competitive advantage in that it doesn’t require electricity and can allow for more mobility.

The final speaker in track #2 was Ben Gully from LAVLE. Ben talked about how LAVLE commercialized 3DOM Japanese battery technology and how their battery technology improves the performance and systems to “operate at reliability, operational, performance, and business standpoints.” LAVLE is involved in a variety of sectors from marine to defense to aviation and more and sustainability is at the heart of their mission.

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