December 2020 Breakfast Recap- Canadian Innovators

“We’ve never felt farther apart from our Canadian neighbors with the border closed and other COVID restrictions,” remarked Susan Betcher from Perkins Coie, but despite not being able to gather in person, the CleanTech Alliance Breakfast Series sponsored by Perkins Coie presented a great opportunity for Canadian innovators to connect with investors and other people passionate about cleantech.

First Rep. James Rajotte spoke about the clean tech ecosystem in Alberta and some of the processes in the province that help to drive innovation.

Next Pierre Blanchet from idenergy talked about residential solar PV and storage and the smart grid. He talked about idenergy’s solar converter and some of the challenges like meeting peak demand that the smart grid must overcome.

After Pierre, John Molnar from CoEng presented about smart energy management and Coeng’s solution to the fact that about half of all building projects don’t have a digital business vision and strategy. CoEng’s REA tool allows them to digitally audit a building in 90% less time than a traditional auditor. He also talked about how his company’s AI can create a digital twin of a building to manage energy usage and manage data.

Finally, Andrew Yague from Awesense presented about the need for the digitalization of decentralized assets to help with decarbonization. He talked about the convergence of utilities, cities, and industries and how it’s being accelerated through digitalization. A special thanks to Perkins Coie and the Canadian Consulate for sponsoring the event.