Monica Brummer, Director, Center of Excellence for Clean Energy at Centralia College

I’m thrilled to be directing important workforce education work for our clean energy and clean technology industries in Washington state. It’s an exciting time to be involved with industry that’s buzzing in innovative technologies. We are about to witness many changes during this decade!
I bridge communications between our stakeholders (industry, labor, and organizations) to Washington’s Community and Technical College system (as well as K-12 and universities that feed in/out of our 34 CTCs). By working together, we will enhance the state’s education programs, build career based learning experiences, and support apprenticeship opportunities to create a stronger workforce for our industries.
I blend more than 30 years of marketing, communications, public relations, and advertising with 15 years of higher education experience. I’m learning through NREL Energy Executives Academy, conferences, workshops and our industry partners (thank you!). I coordinate campaigns, create new outreach ideas, and help partners achieve recognition. I also believe in life-long learning and laughing. Let’s go outside and play!