WCTA Breakfast: Cross Border Connections-Business, Cleantech, and Canada

More than $1.5 billion worth of goods crosses the Canada-US border each day–and Canada is an increasingly important in the global energy picture.  Our attendees learned about opportunities and reasons to consider doing business with Canada.  They heard first-hand stories from local companies (WaterTectonics and Harvest Power) and got big picture overview about what’s happening in Alberta.

The event was held October 4, 2012 in downtown Seattle.

  • Moderator:  Richard LePage, Consul and Trade Commissioner, Consulate General of Canada – Seattle
  • Greg Bainbridge, Manager Industry Development, Edmonton Economic Development Corporation:  Hear about opportunities to do business in a diverse economy ranging from advanced technologies searching for cleaner energy sources and sustainable solutions in the resource industries to large construction projects, environmental services, manufacturing, and research collaborations.  See Greg’s slides here.
  • T J Mothersbaugh, Business Development Manager, WaterTectonics:  A Washington-based company with technology for industrial water treatment targeting turbidity, heavy metals, oil, grease and bacteria.  WaterTectonics works globally, moving people and equipment, and builds relationships with local partners, including in Canada. TJ will share on-the-ground experiences and lessons learned in the competitive natural resources industry.  See TJ’s slides here.
  • Elizabeth Lowell, Project Development & Planning Manager, Harvest Power:  Harvest Power is a US-based company that has made investments in BC and Ontario and works with communities to produce renewable energy and high-value soil, mulch and organic fertilizer products from organic materials.  Elizabeth will discuss their investments in Canada, partnerships ranging from provinces to municipalities as well as technology providers, their experiences with the permitting process and government programs.  See Elizabeth’s presentation here.