CleanTech Innovation Showcase Day 3- Track #1 Recap

Written by Lindsay McCormick, notes provided by Jon Okun

Presenting company track #1 on day 3 of the CleanTech Innovation Showcase consisted of three presenters: Advanced Data Cooling Technologies (ADC), E2Metrix, and Molecule Works.

First, Niall Davidson from Advanced Data Cooling Technologies (ADC) talked about the increased prevalence of data centers and how they’re set to consume 10% of the world’s electricity by 2030. Data centers are inherently inefficient and spend about 33% of their power on cooling. ADC’s Thermal Rail™ provides a solution that’s as effective as liquid cooling but as safe as air cooling. ADC’s pipeline can use the captured heat to warm structures like greenhouses and is a cost-effective way to help fight climate change.

The next presenter was Tom Whitton from E2metrix and he talked about their ECOTHOR technology, an Electrolysis Technology Platform that is used for water and wastewater treatment. Their technology can recover nutrients and remove hormones, pathogens, PFAS, and other contaminants from the water. Unlike biological processes, their system can be turned on or off or dialed up or down as needed. ECOTHOR has a variety of uses from cleaning contaminated soils, landfill leachate, municipal waste, and more.

The final presenter in track #1 was Mitch Odinak from Molecule Works. Mitch talked about his company’s membrane technology used for cleaning water and air on a molecular level. Their membranes can remove algae and bacteria as small as 50 nanometers in size and is perfect for filtering sea water. Molecule Works’ porous metal sheet technology can be used to filter out particles in the air larger than 30 nanometers, which means that it can effectively filter out the 100 nanometer coronavirus particles.

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