CleanTech Innovation Showcase Day 3- Track #2 Recap

Track #2 of day 3 of the CleanTech Innovation Showcase featured speakers from Aquagga, Liveable Cities, and Beta Hatch.

First, Nigel Sharp, the CEO and Co-Founder of Aquagga spoke about the health risks of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and its prevalence in society. PFAS are everywhere, from the Teflon we use for cooking to the foam used in fire extinguishers. Nigel talked about how dilution is not the solution to PFAS contamination because as much as one drop in twenty Olympic sized swimming pools is still considered dangerous. Aquagga’s technology provides a safe way to destroy PFAS with no toxic byproducts, making our environment safer for everyone.

Next, Adam Chaffey from Liveable Cities discussed their LED streetlight sensors. Liveable Cities’ smart sensors are used in over 60 countries and are more energy efficient than regular streetlights, in addition to providing numerous datapoints that can help improve traffic in cities. They have sensors that can detect traffic speed, air quality, and noise levels as well as flashing sensors that can help emergency vehicles save precious time when responding to emergencies.

The final presenter in track #2 was Virginia Emery, the CEO of Beta Hatch. Beta Hatch’s insect-rearing technology converts mealworms and their waste into high-value proteins, oils, and nutrients for agriculture. Currently, about 30% of crop production goes to feeding livestock and up to 60% of feed is wasted but Beta Hatch sees those problems as opportunities. In addition to locating their facilities next to a data center to heat their insects with the data center’s waste heat, Beta Hatch uses advanced genetics and sustainable production methods to rear high-quality insects for a variety of feed.

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