2017 CleanTech Innovation Showcase Recap

The CleanTech Innovation Showcase in 2017 featured the following keynote speakers. Click on the names to read the recaps.

Presenting Companies

CleanTech Alliance selected 24 presenting companies to showcase their latest clean technology innovations, ideas and initiatives. Read the recaps below.

Emerging Technology Lightening Round

The Emerging Technology Lightening Round at the 2017 CleanTech Innovation Showcase gave seven companies two minutes to highlight their wares. A gong was to sound if the speaker ran over the two-minute mark, though all the presentations were succinct and on time. Ben Rushwald from Seattle City Light moderated the panel with the flair of a stand-up comic.

Read the session recap.


  • Acuva
  • AdvanTec
  • Consulate General of Canada
  • Cielo
  • Craft3
  • Diluvium Dry
  • Dorsey & Whitney
  • Economic Development Council of Seattle King County
  • embertech
  • Energy Newsdata
  • GLOBE Forum
  • Kane Environmental
  • Lumanari
  • New York Institute of Technology
  • Ninth Degree CPAs
  • Powertech
  • Resourceful HR
  • S2G BioChem
  • Seattle City Light
  • Washington Clean Energy Testbeds
  • Washington State University
  • Wells Fargo Insurance
  • X-tex


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