Perkins Coie Breakfast Series 2020-2021

The CleanTech Alliance Breakfast Series presents notable clean tech executive speakers for a monthly conversation followed by networking with 100 cleantech industry leaders from across the region. A different speaker and topic is presented on the second Wednesday of each month (8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.) from September through May (except November, which is reserved for the CleanTech Alliance Annual Meeting).

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September 29 – Electrification Solutions for the Goods Industry. Focus on Marine Ports.

For port operators, terminals and other companies with operations inside the port there has been a recent shift to reduce greenhouse gases as well as to reduce the overall carbon footprint associated with the goods movement industries.  Port electrification is one of the solutions with the most potential to provide a long-term solution for addressing these issues.  Three Quebec companies, Effenco, FLO and Lion Electric have already committed to working with port operators, utilities and transportation providers to bring their various solutions to the Pacific Northwest; these companies can share insight into the process, the current status and the potential for electrification as it applies to the local maritime ports and the goods movement industry.

  • Lion Electric has developed a full range of 100% medium and heavy duty vehicles (vans, trucks, buses, etc.) to bring electrification solutions suitable for all needs from terminal operations to last mile delivery. They have been working with goods movement services from Amazon to long haul truckers to bring electric solutions to the market.
  • Effenco has developed a solution for port operators that leverages hybrid trucks that can transition to 100% electric within an established induction charging network to reduce and eventually eliminate vehicle emissions from port operations and are actively speaking with regional ports about their technology solution.
  • FLO offers innovative EV charging solutions that leverage existing infrastructure. FLO is actively working with the City of Tacoma as well as major utilities in the region to bring innovative and effective charging solutions to the maritime ports.

Featured Speakers:

Mark McGrew, VP Truck Solutions, Lion Electric

Mark McGrew has been with The Lion Electric Co. since May 2019, as the Director of Sales for the Lion Truck Division-USA. Mark has worked in the transportation industry for the last 22 years and spent the past 11 years with alternative fuel vehicles, specifically electric, has given him a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with prospective customers.

Luc Samson, Director of Sales, Ports, Effenco

Effenco develops and manufactures technologies for the electrification and connectivity of heavy-duty vocational vehicles, including terminal tractors used in port terminals. Effenco’s electric solutions help to reduce GHG emissions from port operations around the world from Paris to New York and Los Angeles. Luc Samson is the Director of Sales for Effenco in North America and is responsible for identifying and developing solutions within the port sector.

Cory Bullis, Senior Public Affairs Specialist, FLO

FLO is leading North American charging network for electric vehicles (EV) and offers public, commercial, and residential chargers, including Level 2 RV Supply equipment and DC fast chargers. In North America, FLO has sold and deployed over 45,000 charging stations. Cory leads FLO’s west coast and national policy work to reduce barriers to and increase consumer confidence in EVs and charging station technology.


Cam LeHouillier, Manager, Energy Research and Development, Tacoma Power.

Cam LeHouillier is the Manager of Energy Research and Development at Tacoma Power. With twenty three years of diverse work experience in energy and utilities, cam has a depth of knowledge in how utilities work. He uses this information to help Tacoma Power explore new technologies and develop new customer programs. He is always seeking opportunities to work with partners to advance our shared goal: a clean energy future.

The panel has been curated by Melissa Isom, Director of Business Development, Quebec Government Office – Los Angeles.

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Upcoming Events:

Oct. 20 – TRi Energy Partnership

  • Jason Herbert, Sr. Director for External Strategy, New Nuclear Development, Energy Northwest

Dec. 15 – Indigenous Clean Energy Solutions in Rural Canada (Free Virtual Event)

  • Panel curated by Julie Bennion, CleanTech Trade Commissioner, Consulate General of Canada, Seattle
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